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Paws & Laws

Always keep a record of your dogs details tucked in the back of your pedigree form, just in case it gets lost. There are certain laws which apply to you and your dog. When in a public place, every dog must wear a collar with their name and address of the owner. You could also consider electronic tagging with a microchip to help you identify your dog. If you would like more details, please call your vet.

As the dog’s owner you are responsible if your dog causes an accident or inflicts any serious damage. You can insure your dog for third party risks as well as healthcare. Allowing your dog to foul in public areas or footpaths is not only an offence, but it is dangerous for children and unpleasant for everyone else. Get used plastic carrying bags to clear up after your dog, or opt for an Easi-Scoop.

You can usually prevent your dog from causing trouble or damage by being a responsible owner. The following points are common sense methods driven towards getting the best from your dog, enabling you to enjoy trouble free times together.
Train your dog to be obedient and controllable at all times- don’t leave it too long before you start.
Make suitable arrangements for your dog when you go on holiday.
Keep your dog on a lead when you are instructed by a sign, or if you’re anywhere near wild animals.
Don’t allow your dog to foul on pavements, other people’s lawns, gardens, or places where children play.
Always clear up any mess your dog makes.
Be considerate to your neighbours when it comes to noisy barking.
Avoid leaving your dog home for long periods of time.
Don’t take your dog into a food shop.
Don’t feed your dog scraps from your plate while you are eating