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Daves Views

The working heritage of the Rottweiler must be preserved at all costs.

I have managed to obtain one of the top Rottweiler’s in the world and have incorporated it into my breed program.

The characteristics and genes, which make a Rottweiler a Rottweiler, is now under one roof, so selective, meticulous breeding can be done. Not only do they have the highest credentials in the dog world (official titles recognizes by the ADRK and FCI) but they are beautiful in statue as well.

ERROS will be an asset to introduce to the English bloodlines because of the quality of the dog and the high quality of his genetic background. Incorporating what ERROS has to offer with the highest qualities of the English standards and genetic gene pool. I feel good things will result from this genetic combination. Also again in my opinion, because of the close gene pool, high quality outside blood from the original source, being Germany will prove a very good thing for the future in the Rottweiler breed.

If you decide to purchase a Rottweiler,

Keep in mind that my dogs are from German bloodlines, with incredible drive, character and temperament, which is an asset to a truly superior working dog… I am not talking about an out of control, aggressive dog. I am talking about a Social, willing to work and please you dog. Weigh your lifestyle before you call me, because if you are not prepared to spend an enormous amount of time to socialize, train and channel your dog, the dog will be too much for you to deal with. To own a Rottweiler or Any working dog, is a big commitment. But can tell you this, if you truly spend the time that is needed for your dog, He or She will be your best friend for life and a great deal of fun and satisfaction.

But again, the time spent to socialize, train and direct your dog is very important.